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Wall preparation
Step 1: Wall preparation

Lining paper
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Finished Wallpaper
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M.D. Rossiter are specialists in removing existing wallpaper and installing lining and wallpaper to walls and ceilings.

Walls and ceilings are rarely perfect squares and rectangles. Most buildings experience movement at some time and this can be one of many reasons to not have perfect straight lines. We are highly skilled at hanging wallpaper straight by making guidelines to align strips.

We know how to cut around permanent fixtures that cannot be removed such as pipes, electrical outlets and telephones. We use special adhesives to eliminate the need to size walls and are skilled at complex matches and drop patterns.

During wallpaper installation we smooth the pieces to remove bubbles and wrinkles and wipe off excess paste to keep your paper and the surrounding framework clean.


Please note that we hang the wallpaper only. If you require assistance with selecting/ordering the wallpaper/murals, please visit or call one of the friendly wallpaper shops that we recommend on our 'Links' page.


M.D.Rossiter’s mission is to provide a professional and courteous service at the best possible price to achieve an attractive, durable wallpaper finish.